Administrative Processing – (g) is given in this category when visa officer Hello I applied from South Africa I’m a Nigerian I got a g green form it’s a. Consult officer keep my passport but did not take 2×2 photo and gave g slip( light green colour).because i need joint sponcer. They told me. Chances vary from case to case and depend upon the submitted documents. Processing time also varies – some cases are completed within.

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Usually in these cases the resolution time is quicker as the the case is being verified by the consulate itself unless it is further reclassified into other categories of g. I am in the same boat. Security review, background check Blue This is given to an applicant when: Status 221f still AD.

What is (g) – Reasons ? Processing Times ? Delays ? FAQs, Tracker

Further information about administrative processing, processing times and issues can be found on:. Posted February 2, Any thoughts what might be going on? I was eligible for drop box and i submitted all the docsI received the passport back without stamping and no slips.

Hi, I am on the same boat…Did you hear back from consulate? Did your petition get approved?

Know All about 221(g) – What do the Different Colored Slips Mean?

Is there any way we can transfer our petition to different consultancy. Additional documents to ascertain the legitimacy of the application beyond the primary proof marriage certificate for H4, employment letter for H1, admission letter for F1, supporting letter for visitor etc.

And did you reply me that my case is a green slip? Calling the organization School, University, Company, Financial institution that issued the document Using an agency or third party of verify the documentation Request to provide further documentation 6. Your inputs will be highly helpful. Congrats buddy, I also got email to submit passport.


Then on Dec 19 we got an email from Ustraveldocs to submit our passports. Hi sumanth Any updates? Also, Petroleum Engineering is in the TAL, specially my research is directly applicable to nuclear engineering… Good luck everyone.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I went this time and the Consular Officer asked me to bring all the Birth Certificates of my siblings, W2s and my Medicals which was not ready as at the time i went. We submitted our passports on Dec May 3, at We will contact you as soon as we complete administrative processing and are able to reconsider your visa application. I was asked to submit some documents along with my resume.

We had this interview where the Consular Officer asked about what am I gonna do in the US, my job and research project that I answered being as natural as I could be.

Usually the consulate mentions to the candidate that they are sending the case for administrative processing when they give them g in this category. Not sure if you know but you did pass your interview! Can somebody help me out with likely problems?

What is 221g ? Process, How long to Resolve, Delay, Issues, FAQs

I have sent that but later I found that I made a typo while writing my work experience years. You just need to wait. Dorm interview appointment letter from the NVC stated that we would need new police certificates only if the ones given previously were submitted more than 12 months ago. April 20, at I am Fom and Venezuelan dad french, born in France, mom venezuelan, lived 10 years in Venezuela.

I am on the same boat…Did you hear back from consulate? Further Consulate Review — g of this type is issued when the visa officer wants to further investigate your application file. I was appeared for my F1 visa interview by January 16th but due to some sort of administrative processing G I could not joined my university which I was intended to, so I defer rorm admission from spring to fall, Your application is refused under Section g of the Immigration and Nationality Act for mandatory administrative processing.


I also have the green paper. Hi Kiran, I can tell my experience. I have a question about immigration law. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hello Yesterday Gorm got a blue slip for my b1 visa application. Is your case pending with Delhi consulate? I sent documents as mentioned in the g form through email. October 5, at 8: Hi Expert, I went for my H1 interview in December and was given g white slip.

Now the status of visa changed to 221t Processing after 10 days. I am on same boat…I submitted documents on 20 Nov but still there is no update. For documents were submitted promptly during the interview but Passport was not collected by VO saying they need to verify her Employment details and will take a while. Do NOT write hate speech, swear words, or get into fight. Sujeet What is the progress of your application?

Kindly suggest on this…. I qualified for Dropbox option and submitted my documents on 23rd October. Your email will NOT be published. Application needs additional information Pink, White The application is put on hold through g and additional information is requested when Vital information is missing from the application The information provided during the interview conflicts with the information provided on the application Not enough information to establish that the visa can be granted Validating host — sponsoring company, university, relation Not enough information or supporting documents from employer 4.