The main function of abradable coatings is to make automatic clearances adjustments possible in order to account for thermal fluctuations and other physical. When we refer to the abradability of a coating, we are talking about its wear resistance in comparison to a more abrasive material that rubs against that coating. The solution is to add a thick clearance control coating to the housing. As the blades rotate and heat up, they abrade a path through the abradable coating.

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Talk to us today if you want to learn more about our abradable coatings. For such on-site applications, please contact Oerlikon Metco Surface Services.

These coatings can be difficult to reproduce accurately and need strict monitoring. All of these are done in order to simulate field trials and laboratory testing. Abradable coating solutions improve safety and reduce fuel consumption and emissions in turbomachinery. More of cpating questions answered by our Experts.

These additives weaken the matrix material of the coating and can provide some degree of dry lubrication. This results in abradable coating recognition by engine manufacturers. Very porous with many unreacted or unmelted particles abradabel would by cotaing standards be considered as a very poor coating produced by very careful selection of spraying parameters to achieve the right degree of abradability.

Identifying Limiting Conditions for Coatings Specification. To prevent catastrophic tip to casing contact, conservatively large clearances must be employed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. The composite abradable thermal spray powders that we use are very high quality, thus ensuring that the coatings stay durable for the coatint time possible.

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How can I determine what blast coatting is best for my application? Where can I find a coating that is chloride and sulfur corrosion-resistant?


Abradable coatings are used in aircraft jet engines in the compressor and turbine sections where a minimal clearance is needed between the blade tips and the casing. This has been made possible by increasing operating temperatures with the aid of lightweight materials and improved aerodynamic design.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This article about aircraft engines is a stub. Thermal Spray Abradable Materials for Clearance Control Coatings Abradable coating solutions improve safety and reduce fuel consumption and emissions in turbomachinery. By using abradable coatings to cover the shroud, this phenomenon can be highly tolerated. Whether for aviation gas turbines, or power generation gas or steam turbines, we have abradable materials for your clearance control applications.

The main role of abradable coatings is to allow an automatic adjustment in clearance to accommodate thermal scenarios or physical interaction events when a device is operating.

Thermal Spray Abradable Materials for Clearance Control Coatings « Oerlikon Metco

We design and produce abradable materials for critical turbomachinery clearance control applications. In order to protect catastrophic tip-against-casing contact, large clearances should be facilitated. This can cause the turbine fans to rub next to the shroud. We can apply abradable coatings at the site of your steam turbine assembly or repair using methods and equipment we have developed. When we refer to the abradability of a coating, we are talking about costing wear resistance in comparison to a more abrasive material that rubs against that coating.

Abradable Coating & Application | A&A Thermal Spray Coatings

This means that they have the tendency to wear when rubbed against a highly abrasive material, while leaving the underlying material damage free. Our composite abradable thermal spray powders are of the highest quality and consistency for long-lasting service. With abradable coatings, this is achieved along with improving the surge margin, leading to increased engine flow safety and stability.

Abradable coatings are a type of coating made using abradable substances. Abradable Powder Coatings provide an economical and environmentally friendly way to improve the efficiency abradabel engines, compressors and pumps by fine-tuning the operational fit of internal components such as pistons, rotors and cases.


This article does not cite any sources. Our services can suit a wide variety of industrial applications but below are the most common parts that are coated with abradable materials:. These products log millions of abrasable hours each and every year on civil and military turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines.

Typical clearance control applications for steam turbines. The objective is to create a protective seal that does not result in blade wear. We often apply these types of coatings to typical machinery such as cryogenic radial expansion turbines, centrifugal compressors and gas turbine engines which are coatijg featured in the aircraft jet engines.

Abradable Coating

In typical turbo machinery, the clearance between blade tips and the casing must account for thermal and inertial expansion as well as changes in concentricity due to shock loading events. Corrosionpedia explains Abradable Coating Since the s, the volume of air traffic has increased significantly, while the total volume of fuel consumed remains constant.

Definition – What does Abradable Coating mean? Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Typical clearance control applications for aircraft turbine engines. Dense and uniform structured coatings with additives such as polymers, graphite, bentonite and boron nitride.

Abradable coatings are designed to preferentially abrade when contact is made with a mating part. An abradable coating is a coating coatng of an abradable material — meaning if it rubs against a more abrasive material in motion, the former will be worn whereas the latter will face aabradable wear. The coatings are designed not to damage the mating surface. Manufacturers of jet engines provide solutions by enhancing power generation and engine efficiency.

Our abradable solutions significantly improve efficiency and operational safety of aircraft propulsion engines. This type of coating is widely used in settings involving turbo jet machinery. The coating structure can be either: