I Life and Writings of Arrian. 3 wrote many original books. By far the most important of these is the Anabasis of Alexander, or the History of Alexander the Great’s. The Anabasis Alexandri is an historical account written by Arrian. During the early 16th century, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze bought a copy of this book. Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII has 7 ratings and 0 reviews. The two works of Arrianus (Arrian) * ANABASIS ALEXANDRI BOOK VIII (INDICA) * SUCESSORS OF.

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They were very formidable to the Eomans in the reigns of Augustus and Domitian. All the envoys said that they had come to seek Alexander’s friendship.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian – Free Ebook

Alexander’s Dealings -with Athens. The Athenians also attempted to bring about some political change ; but they were so alarmed at the very approach of Alexander, that they conceded to him even more ample public honours than those which had been bestowed upon Philip.

Hating settled these affairs, lie returned into Macedonia. The Battle at the Hydaspes. Alliance with the Scythians and Chorasmians. He forthwith took the archers, the regiments of javelin-throwers, and the lighter hoplites, and led them against those who were guarding the pass.

He ordered him to take the wagons to Sardis and to advance from that place into Phrygia. Probably the reference was to his kind treatment of Olympias and this Alexander. After the expulsion of the philosophers from Rome, by Domitian, Epictetus delivered his lectures at Nicopolis, in Epirus, where it is probable that Arrian was his pupil. No sooner did the men in the five Persian ships see the Macedonians bearing up against them, contrary to their expectation, than they immediately tacked about, though far off, and fled to the rest of their fleet.

Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII: Indica

Alexander crosses the Hindu-Koosh. On all sides they were urging him on, asserting that he would trample down the army of the Macedonians 1 A oity on the Gulf alexandfi Issub, being a settlement of the Phoenicians.

Exploration of the Mouths of the Indus. He also ordered the archers and slingers to run forward and discharge arrow’s and stones at the barbarians, hoping to provoke them by this to come out of the woody glen into the ground unencumbered with trees.

The Anabasis of Alexander – Wikipedia

Storming of the Mallian Stronghold He left Pausanias, one of the Companions, to be superintendent of the citadel of Sardis, Nicias to supervise the collection of the tribute and taxes, and Asander, son of Philotas, to be superin- tendent of Lydia and the rest of the dominion of Spithri- dates, giving him as large a number of cavalry and light-armed infantry as seemed suflBcient alexandrk present emergencies. The Advice of the Chaldees rejected.


He added that he was willing to go on board the fleet himself and to share the danger.

It is a comparatively easy thing to give a paraphrase of a foreign work, presenting the general drift of the original ; but no one, unless he has himself tried it, can understand the difficulty of trans- lating a classical Author correctly without omission or mutilation. Alexander had already made an attack upon the mountain which the Pisidians were occupying, advancing up the most abrupt part of the ascent, when the barbarians from an ambuscade attacked him on both wings, in a place where it was very easy for themselves to advance, but where the route was very diflScult for their enemy.

They were conquered by the Goths in the fifth century. Book 6 describes the anabsais down the Indus to the Indian Ocean BCincluding the increasingly brutal violence inflicted on the local inhabitants by the Macedonians en route notably anabasia the Malli townand the crossing of the Gedrosian Desert BC. Siege and Capture of Miletus.

These mountains form gates, as it were, anqbasis the road ; and it is possible for those who occupy these eminences even with a small guard annabasis render the passage impracticable. Neoptolemus, the brother of Arrhabaeus, son of Amyntas, one of those who had deserted to Darius, was killed, with about others of the enemy.

When the leaders saw that they must eventually succumb, they made a last desperate effort to destroy Alexander’s military engines. Adi Mahmutovic marked it as to-read Jul 27, He induced the tragic poets, Euripides and Agathon, as well as the epic poet Choerilus, to visit him ; and treated Euripides especially with favour.

On this occasion the Termissians had come out in a body, and were occupying both the mountains; seeing which, Alexander ordered the Macedonians to encamp there, armed as they were, imagining that the Termissians would not remain in a body when they saw theni bivouacking, but that most of them would withdraw into their city, which was near, leaving upon the mountains 74 The Anahasis of Alexander.

We learn from Xhuoydides and Herodotus that they entered the service of foreign rulers. In historical times they inhabited the country on the northern border of Macedonia. Alexajjdeb in Pheygia and Pisidia. Here that prince had a palace and park, in which rose the river Maeander, close to the source of the’ Marsyas.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian

Greek Wikisource has original text related to this article: Alexander recrosses the Hydraotes and Acesines. On the death of Pixodarus, his son-in-law Orontobates was sent by the king of the Persians to rule over the Oarians. He also buried the Persian commanders and the Greek mercenaries who were killed fighting on the side of the enemy. The Bleans also received back their exiles from banishment, because they were Alexander’s adherents ; and the Aetolians, each tribe for itself, sent embassies to him, begging to receive pardon, because they also had at- tempted to effect a revolution, on the receipt of the report which had been spread by the Thebans.


He then stationed bis military- engines near tbe wall, and having in a short time partly broken and partly shaken down a large piece of it, he led his army near, that the men might enter wherever the wall had been thrown down or shaken. But the cavalry were no use to him in a place so rough and unfavourable. The design of this sacrifice was, that his disembarking in Asia might be more fortunate than that of Protesilaus had been.

Alexander drew out his phalanx into a deep column, and led it on in person. In regard to the contents of this book, Photius cod. They also appointed Diogenes, one of the exiles, to be despot of the city, and exacted money from the Mityle- naeans, taking parb of it by violence for themselves from the wealthy citizens, and laying the rest as a tax upon the community. Advance beyond the Hydraotes.

Voyage down the Anabawis continued. It is now called Polina. When Gordius was driving his wagon near a certain village of the Telmissians, he met a maiden fetching water from the spring, and to her he related how the sign of the eagle had appeared to him. A landing-place in the north-west of Troas, near Cape Sigaeum. Book 7 recounts the events of Alexander’s final year, including the Susa marriages, the Opis mutiny, the death of Anabbasisand Alexander’s own death BC.

Moreover, they are both more worthy of credit, because they compiled their histories after Alexander’s death, when neither com- pulsion was used nor reward offered them to write anything different from what really occurred. Anabaiss visits the Temple of Ammon. It is now called Tsoherna. Cities out of Peloponnesus, as well as within it, must have been included ; unless we suppose that the resolution of the Amphictyonio assembly, which had been previously passed, was held alexnadri comprehend all the extra-Peloponnesian cities, which seems not probable.

They formed the body-guard of queen Athaliah, who had usurped the throne and stood in need of foreign mercenaries.