George Bataille’s The Tears of Eros unfolds, innocently enough, as a simple timeline of the history of eroticism in art. According to Bataille. The Tears of Eros is the culmination of Georges Bataille’s inquiries into the relationship between violence and the sacred. Taking up such figures as Giles de . Inspired by Georges Bataille’s essay Tears of Eros, this short hybrid film/video is about erotism and death. Through different analogue manipulations of the.

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These facts shed some light on his essay. At any rate, what accounts for these strange and to my mind difficult formal writing devices? Publisher City Lights Publishers. Blackwell,he argued against literary interpretations of Sade, instead saying that his work should be treated like excrement, both difficult to look at and better to turn away from.

Apr 15, Megan rated it really liked it. This is hardly the operation of informe as described by Bois and Krauss. For a correspondence between these images must convert them into forms that speak of the loss of what it means to be human, forms such as torture, cruelty and sadism.

Bataille’s ideas about eroticism provide only be one way in which tezrs images may bring pleasure. Want to Read saving…. Cornell UP, Elkins observes that the images in this book bear little relation to the exhibition, made up bataillle torn and stained artifacts such as postcards and mantel-size prints Open Preview See a Problem?

Fred Botting and Scott Wilson Oxford: Truth exists, but only as founded on nothingness, which for me means that no thought or construct of meaning can contain truth.

Depth Perception: George Bataille’s “Tears of Eros” observations

Bataille, Sartre, Valery, Breton Bataklle InBataille began Tears of Erosand it was completed inhis final work. Bataille’s interests ranged far beyond the boundaries of art.


From here on out, Bataille associates eroticism with choose any three scary adjectives … violence, sadism, and horror. The art is Eurocentric. It is not so much lingchi that is intolerable here as a thought about lingchi that seems impossible, because to think it is to transgress the human which is constituted by the very prohibition erow such a thought.

A sprint run through art history for the search of the kinky. Dec 12, Matthieu rated it really liked it. Curious about the man, I researched a little into his background. An Intellectual Biographytrans.

Most significantly, I can imagine him as a surrealist, with the surrealist emphasis on subconscious processes… automatic writing, unedited by the rational mind. This man is apparently dead or dying, a victim of his victim the charging buffalo, and is sporting a quite prominent erection. But why should ot of humanity be open to such suffering?

Following this thought of ecstasy with a question mark, the author places his own observation into doubt. In Formlessexamples of surrealism, abstract expressionism and conceptualism are reinvigorated so that the effect is to reaffirm the value of established examples of modernist art. Alastair Hamilton New York and London: He was a librarian by profession.

Lascaux or the Birth of Art. For Bataille, this attraction lies in a transgression of those prohibitions by which we structure our lives. I read it and laugh.

Yet transgression was only ever a component of his philosophy of eroticism, which was. My first excursion into the world of Bataille. As a final thought, it occurred to me that if one had never been drunk, but wanted to understand intoxication, that should talk to a drunk.

Title The Tears of Eros. I take it to mean that sobriety is linked to reason and idealism, all of which focus on the unchanging, everlasting truth. In it Bataille examines death—the “little death” that follows sexual climax, the proximate death in sadomasochistic bataillr, and death as part of religious ritual and sacrifice.

Death and Sexuality and Prehistoric Painting: The Unreasonable Way a response based on form An alternative response to the essay is to focus on the form of eos writing, rather than the content. Bataille asserts that the face of this man, with eyes raised heaven-ward a la St. The least of these transitions is the movement between being clothed and nude, or in the throes of sexual ecstasy.


The Eros Of Parenthood: He rejected traditional literature and considered that the ultimate aim of all intellectual, artistic, or religious activity should be the annihilation of the rational individual in a violent, transcendental act of communion. Following on from his earlier text Eroticism in which he argued that death and sex collapse into each other at moments of orgasm, in ritual or in sacrifice, The Tears of Eros juxtaposes Bataille’s own writing with images of prehistoric objects, modern paintings and photography.

Lists with This Book.

The Tears of Eros

On the Nature of Seeing San Diego: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In it Bataille examines death—the “little death” that follows sexual climax, the proximate death in sadomasochistic practices, and death as part of religious ritual and sacrifice.

Joan of Arc, is expressing a kind of joy or transcendence coupled with extreme pain and despair obviouslyand so has served as profound inspiration for him he owned a copy of the picture and spent much time contemplating it. Can one compare a man being sawn in half from the groin to that of a woman holding the decapitated head of her lover? The images have been taken from across time, from prehistoric cave paintings of half-men, half-beasts, to Hans Bellmer’s biomorphic drawings.