Of Blood and Honor Author(s) Chris Metzen Artist(s) Chris Metzen Pages Publisher Pocket Star Published January Binding Digital – PDF Price US. Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor is the first novel set in Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft universe. The book is written by series co-creator Chris Metzen and was . Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor; ›; Customer reviews byChris Metzen I liked this book very much, though I have to say that Chris Metzen’s writing is not as.

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He pulled sharply on the reins and steered his faithful mount into the dense woods. Yet, despite his best wishes, he could not ignore the reality of the present situation. This article has multiple issues. It does not add much to the Warcraft lore, but explores the character of Tirion and includes appearances by some very well-known other characters. Would they be too blind to say “oh, well, maybe he has a point”?. He truly loved this land.

Original short stories from some of the best fantasy writers in the Blac Aug 26, Bartosz rated it really liked it. Near the war”s end, the battered and leaderless orc clans were rounded up and placed within guarded reserves near the outskirts of the Alliance lands.

However, the world of warcraft books felt almost disappointing.

Warcraft: Of Blood and Honour by Chris Metzen

More of a Novella than an actual novel, this is one of the better books in the Warcraft universe. Lists with This Book. This was the one place he could always find refuge from the burdens and bureaucratic pressures of his station.

Don’t make the same mistake. He had been hunting in these woods since he was a small boy and knew their numerous, winding trails like the back of his hand.


Aug 25, Jabes Gonzales rated it it was amazing. He, for one, would never believe that their warlike ways had left them completely. The characters had much depth, and the reader will likely find them self loving certain characters and hoping they succeed, and hating others. This Warcraft -related article is a stub.

Sep 10, Danielle rated it really liked it. He wondered how the ruined structure could still cheis standing after having been left to the unforgiving elements for so long. He stopped near abd old tower”s base and peered up at the lonely structure. The sky was blue and clear as he watched two falcons circle high above.

Of Blood and Honor – Metzen Chris

Of Blood and Honor takes place in the Warcraft universe, where the events of World of Warcraft takes place. If you’re willing to leave your over-zealous criticism at the door, and experience Warcraft as the fun fantasy it is, you’re I don’t care what anyone says, I like Warcraft. Following the dramatic events of Terminator Salvation, a recovering John Connor grants Barnes permission to return to the destroyed VLA lab and bury his brother, killed in Googling every couple of pages gets irritating.

He dismounted to inspect them. Googling every couple of pages gets irritat I started for the lore – I stayed for the nice writing quality and exciting passages! May 28, Tjellow rated it liked it Shelves: However, in an unexpected act of Of Blood and Honor takes place in the Warcraft universe, where the events of World of Warcraft takes place. Tirion Fordring has grown up to believe that orcs have no sense of mercy, and since a paladin has always protected his village from them.

Though game had been strangely scarce for the past few weeks, Tirion came to hunt here whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Of Blood and Honor (World of Warcraft, book 4) by Chris Metzen

This one however is a bit reminiscent of the metze trilogy. Feb 15, Kevin J. Book of Cain Jonor Cain 8. No eBook available SimonandSchuster. I’ve never really enjoyed the games but god damn the universe is a fantasy marvel in my eyes.


May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Their special, sacred charge was twofold: Of Blood and Honor.

Hard as it was to believe, the presence of so many emissaries in his keep confirmed it to be true. This article does not cite any sources. Another good look at part of the Warcraft universe.

Of Blood and Honor

Instead of focusing on mindless action, the author tries to develop the psychological aspect and interpersonal relations, while placing in the centre a moral dillema, rather than the good old black-and-white good vs evil fare. While the story is good, no question, the writing itself is atrocious. It’s not well written and doesn’t add enough to Warcraft lore to be worthwhile. Why does this say first published in by World Wrestling Entertainment? Sadly, the fact that he is not a published author shines through in this novella in the unpolished nature of the writing.

But I guess warcraft has always been about miscommunication.

His scouts and guardsmen would have been alerted to any orcish incursion metzeb Hearthglen immediately upon their arrival. Years later, when the orcs first invaded Lordaeron, intent on crushing civilization, he was one of the first knights to be given the honor of standing with Uther the Lightbringer and being anointed as a holy Paladin.