con el diagnóstico histopatológico de cordoma de la base del cráneo .. magnética cerebral, corte sagital, secuencia T1, cordoma del clivus. Resección endoscópica de cordoma del clivus. Descripción de un chordoma; clivus; endoscopic resection; malignant tumor. RESUMEN. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Dec 19, , Ines Gamboa and others published Resección endoscópica de cordoma del clivus. Descripción de un.

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Chordoma | Radiology Reference Article |

Also, this tumor contained a necrotic materials. It is of interest that the MR image in our case failed to delineate the right-sided disc herniation. Intradural extraosseous chordoma in the foramen magnum region. Expert Recommendations for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chordoma is a handbook produced by the Chordoma Foundation, which summarizes recommendations developed by a group of over 40 leading doctors who specialize in caring for chordoma patients.

Please review our privacy policy. The MR appearance of our patient’s tumor was dissimilar clivks that of true vertebral chordomas because of its extraosseous location.

Intradural Retroclival Chordoma

Under the impression of acoustic schwannoma, the patient underwent operation. A portion of the tumor with sheet-like growth of vacuolated cells.

Embryological Considerations A developmental lesion related to chordoma is the ecchordosis physaliphora. Cranial nerve examination revealed no gag reflex, uvula deviation to left side, decreased hearing acuity on right ear, decreased taste on right side of tongue and numbness on right V1, V2 dermatome.


Preoperative hearing threshold was 90 dB on the right and 45 dB on the left side by brainstem auditory evoked potential BAEPand it was improved to 35 dB on the right and 30 dB on the left side by BAEP studied on 11th postoperative day. The cordona in such cases is poor. Histological, immunocytochemical, and ultrastructural studies confirmed dep diagnosis of chordoma Figs.

We achieved near total resection of intradural chordoma and adjuvant gamma knife radiosurgery was performed for remnant tumor at 1 month after surgery. Surgical experience and review of the literature. Some areas of tumor was attached to right trigeminal nerve and located near the right facial and vestibulocochlear nerve complex. Postoperative course The patient complained dizziness, but other symptoms, such as ataxia, right facial numbness without paralysis, right hearing disturbance, were much more improved.

The radiological characteristics of the lesion were misleading as it mimicked an arachnoid cyst or a neurogenic neoplasm. The histological features and antigen expression were consistent with the diagnosis of chordoma. Abstract A year-old woman presented with dizziness, ataxia and right hearing difficulty. At her follow-up examination 1 year later, the patient reported improvement of both back and thigh pain. MRI and CT scan have complementary roles in tumor evaluation.

Pituitary macroadenoma Pituitary macroadenoma. Axial T-2 weighted image. The lumbar fusion was considered sound. Check for errors and try again. Atlas of Cranial Base Surgery. This suggests that some people may be genetically predisposed to develop chordoma. Examination On initial evaluation, the patient had ataxic gait.

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As noted above germline duplication of coddoma has been identified as a major susceptibility mechanism in several chordoma families.

cordona From Wikipedia, the free coreoma. Since chordomas arise in bone, they are usually extradural and result in local bone destruction. There are three histological variants of chordoma: This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat However, if allowed to grow for long periods, it may invade the dura and extend intradurally as well as extradurally 13 Like intraosseous notochordal rests, they are developmental lesions but, in contrast, ecchordoses often exhibit a minor intraosseous and a dominant intradural component, the connection being a delicate pedicle traversing a dural defect.

The interest of this case lies not only in the nature and location of the incidentally discovered tumor but also codoma its radiological presentation as an asymptomatic lesion at one lumbar level associated with a symptomatic disc extrusion at another lumbar level.