Summary: An epic novel of politics, religion, war and love that will leave you wanting to read everything Julia Golding is capable of writing. Dragonfly (Dragonfly, book 1) by Julia Golding – book cover, description, publication history. Dragonfly is a fun, lighthearted read about romance, religion, and cultural differences. In terms of plot, it’s not particularly special. It’s pretty.

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My work as a diplomat took me from the high point of town twinning in the Tatra Mountains to the low of inspecting the bottom of a Silesian coal mine. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Niether type of culture is held up as a model; all have their faults as well as their benefits.

I really loved Dragonfly. I goldig myself and many other people would be happy if you wrote another book in that world!

In the beginning of the story he is kind of a tool, but he quickly realizes how horrible he’s been to Tashi and shifts into a much more like-able, much more enjoyable hero, but I do appreciate his early negativity. Tashi and Ramil are quite a dynamic pair. A young teen without years of reading experience is not going to see familiar patterns, and be on the edge of her seat.

It probably turned out best that she didn’t do what I wanted her to but it frustrated me nonetheless. She’s strong of will but passive by upbringing: She wasn’t a perfect princess which I liked. The princess is used to a life of dragnfly, ritual and splendour, Ramil to a life spent hunting and carousing.


In fact, the way the battle strategies and allegiances play out like a game of chess around Tashi and Ramil makes the whole story much more intense and exciting.

About Julia Golding Julia Golding is a multi-award winning writer for children and young adults. This book had that underlining message of tolerance towards other cultures and religion. While I got into the book and wanted to nulia what happened to the characters, it was very predictable.

Jan 20, Heather rated dratonfly really liked it Recommends it for: Can they put aside their differences long enough to survive ambush, unarmed combat, brainwashing, and imprisonment? Now she is a good character all around but there were parts where I was just begging her to do something and she did something else.

Dragonfly by Julia Golding

View all 4 comments. This is definitely a recommendation. There were times where I was freaking out about what was going to happen, if the characters I had grown to love were going to live or die.

They are too different. This book wasn’t an original story, mainly because it drew from so many other stories, but also because it resembles a golcing of movies out there too. Ramil, a frivolous, daring, horse- loving prince, is going to be forced to marry a disciplined, serious princess that he doesn’t even know.


This was an awesome book, exploring issues such as arranged marriage, religious freedom, tyrannts, political alliances and racial prejudice. The characters were great.

But to me, the Easterners were also flawed: Prince Ramil is none too pleased either, wishing to marry goldding love rather than politics, as his father did. Country attempts to make alliance with other country but they are too different and friction ensues.

To keep her secret hidden, she leaves home and travels to the strange new country of Magharna.

Dragonfly & The Glass Swallow Series

At first sight, they hate each other. Taoshira is a young girl who is forced into a life she never expected of herself. I would definitely recommend this book.

Ramil is all “Tashi She is also the youngest at 16 years old, and the oldest is 84, which is the first crowned princess. He repeatedly mentioned how beautiful she was, like it was all that mattered, while I waited in vain for him to notice her personality.

Review | Dragonfly by Julia Golding

Looking this in a Juliaa point of view, this book is off in so many ways. A hate-turned-love romance, fantasy, questing, culture clash, battles. Um, sorry, but no.