In the case of Fru’ of al-Kafi which consist of volumes three to volume seven, the Furu’ al-Kafi (volume 3 – 7): The rules of conduct, the practical laws of the. The contents of al-Kafi are precious gifts from Ahl al-Bayt (the fourteen infallible This part is called Furu’ al-Kafi Branches of the Islamic system that consists of . Al-Kafi is the first-ever complete English translation of the first and foremost ‘ Usul al-Kafi (Volumes 1 & 2) Al‑Furu’ (Branches) (Volumes 3 through 7).

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Kitab al-Kafi

Who is a more reliable Hadith scholar: In al-Dhari’aAgha Buzurg Tihrani has listed 27 commentaries on Usul al-kafi or the whole of al-Kafiand 10 marginal notes on al-Kafi. The great value of al-Kafi to Shi’i Muslims is emphasized by the number of outstanding scholars of their community who have considered it worthwhile to write commentaries on the work.

Nature of belief iman and unbelief kufrmeaning of tawhid Divine Unity and shirk dualism or polytheismnature of Islam faith and nifaq hypocrisyyaqin firm convictionthe problem of individual and collective belief and unbelief and unity and disunity, praiseworthy or desirable and cursed or undesirable qualities and habits etc.

With this standard it would seem unlikely that the three Muhammads [including Muhammad al-Kulayni] would not have taken due care in having the contents of their compilations verified or having knowledge of the verification of the traditions from those they reported from especially Shaykh al-Kulayni who lived during the period of the minor occultation.

Almurtaza » Furu Al-Kafi ()

Third Volume This volume contains three books that deal with the issues concerning jihad struggle in the way of Godtrade and commerce, and marriage. Tahrike Tarsile Quran P. It is the most detailed book of this volume, and covers traditions under 72 headings.

  DS 3027E 2002 PDF

Hadith books are compiled by fallible people, and thus realistically, they inevitably have a mixture of strong and weak hadiths.

Answering-Ansar can never explain this phenomenon, and this is why you will notice that their article completely and conveniently side-steps the issue. The discussion about these issues covers all major aspects of a Muslim’s individual and social life.

A brief resume of the contents of all the five volumes of Furu’ al-Kafi is given below:.

Ayatollah Khoei mentions that his teacher, Muhammad Husayn Na’iniwould call doubting the sources of al-Kafi”the business of the incompetent”. The topics that are emphasized are: This book is entitled kitab al-hujjah, i. However, it is agreed that it refers to a village in Iran, Kulain or Kulin; both were villages there. Following Kitab al-salat is another pillar of Islam, the alms tax al-Zakat paid as a Muslim.

Al-Kafi – A Brief Outline – The Islamic Seminary Inc.

Some chapters deal with the nature of the prophets’ guidance and their role in human society, describing their specific characteristics and virtues. Retrieved kafj ” http: In fact, this would mean that the Shia would have to reject all of their classical scholars, and these are the same scholars that they base all their beliefs in and whose books they use.

Two chapters deal with inheritance.

This book consists of thirty chapters and traditions in all. Knowing Allah and those who possess Divine authority is much more valuable than all the worldly things… Al-Kulayni, of all other compilers of hadith, alone was a contemporary of all the four successive special representatives and ambassadors of Imam al-Mahdi, the twelfth Imam. Kitab al-zakat is the third and last part of the first volume and contains only a part of the traditions regarding sl laws of alms-giving or poor-due.

It was compiled by thiqat al-Islam al-Kulayni d.

Al-Kafi – A Brief Outline

We read the following statements by the leading classical Shia scholars: When a religious faith has different views than the ones they claim to originate from, then this is a good sign that it is a faith which has been horribly corrupted over the centuries and therefore should not be followed.


The truth is that there is not a single classical Shia scholar of that time who did not believe that Imam Al-Kulayni presented this book kfi Imam Mehdi.

Husayn ‘Ali Mahfuz, in the preface to al-Kaficounts 15, al-Allama al-Majlisi counts 16, and some contemporary scholars such as al-Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rassul al-Ghaffar consider there to be 15, When you debate with the Shia, keep asking him why the Shia can say that Al-Kafi is not authentic, when the compiler of Al-Kafi himself says they are authentic. He was a man of great chastity, piety, integrity and holiness.

Kadi al-tijarah provides the key to understanding and kai the rules laid down by Islam with regard to economics. Al-Kulayni has tried to bring the most detailed, authentic and clear hadith at the beginning of each section, and the more concise and ambiguous ones later. Based on the above, one can imagine the lafi of this precious gift from Ahl al-Bayt to their followers.

View this page in our App. Now let us examine the flimsy response by Answering-Ansar. Al-Tusi, the great scholar has called furi the most dependable expert in hadith, the man of highest esteem and a scholar in hadith.

It is the most important and authentic collection among the Four Books. After marriage and children, the next subject is that of divorce al-talaq.

The total number of traditions recorded in this volume is