MT ( ) . construction of the Harley-Davidson on~off road military motorcycle and manual instructions carefully and use only genulne Harley-. I’ve just bought an MT and will be picking it up tomorrow, as I’ll be I have the Harley Davidson service manual, I will try and make it. An ideal starter package Consisting of User handbook Illustrated parts list Workshop manual All descriptions as per the individual.

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Thread starter newbee Start date 17 Jun And unless the carburation is spot on, and the engine is warm, this will happen to you. And there’s the MSN Group.

The Armstrong MT500 & MT350

Grey Fox A moment ago. If you manuak of a proper ruggedized, bullet-proof solution – let me know before mine goes again ; Check the balance weights on the wheels. Current Affairs, News and Analysis. It should be smooth and sweet. Yokel A moment ago.

Electrics are simple, but components can be unreliable. If it pulls smoothly immediately, congratulate the owner on their carburettor settings. Buying checks Absolutely 1 check. Its a smaller engine to kick over in the first place. By continuing to use this majual, you are consenting to our use of cookies. MTs should come with bark-busters – a loop like an overgrown knuckle-duster from the end of the bars. Buying direct ex-army, you will be very lucky to get any history.

Even if you like to have a couple of kicks to turn it over when it is cold kinder to the battery and starteryou do not have the ‘stalling it at the lights’ embarrassment situation.

If the clutch squeels alarmingly as you pull off, don’t worry. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.


The only complete cure is an after-market tank – which could also usefully increase fuel capacity if you want to do some adventure touring down Western Sahara or wherever. This is for the UK, other countries will vary. The left-hand kickstart of nt350 is an acquired art.

If you buy one of these bikes, you probably know how to get your hands dirty, so I’ll just say get an Army manual, and work it out for yourself. Bile-Spewer 6 minutes ago. Decompressor in, 1 firm kick over. Compare other pictures below badged Armstrong. MT Started by dave 22 Jul Harlwy So who harlry whom do you ‘hate’ on Arrse?

Stainless steel replacements are available. Bidding at auction – usually buying blind Direct from a Disposal Company – pick over a few, choose one you think looks OK From a Dealer – its been checked over, you get a warranty, there’s backup if it goes wrong Buying Privately There are many MTs now in private hands, so of course there are a number of bikes on the private market. It is unlikely to have been damaged in a fall – it is well tucked in – but many have rusted internally.

Started by happyuk Today at Footpegs mount either to frame may need some drilling or bolt to swingarm.

Some are rumoured to be released from the Army without ever being started up – and with preservative fluid in the engine, rather than oil. If not, try again, opening the throttle more progressively. The standard tank caps openings are big and wide – perhaps for filling in the field from jerry cans?

Any twisting of the frame should be obvious. It is up to you whether you want the forward-mounted panniers and frames.

The link to that particular manuel is just a guide used for training, i was trying to get the actual AESP if poss.


A recent harle of released crated MT engines seems to have been ‘engines removed in service’, with various breakages and component failures.

MT Riders Club

They are reliable when sorted. Do get down on your belly on the floor and line the rear and front tyres up by eye. They go for about the same money as a private sale. Everything else about the bike should be ‘normal’, in a soft, comfortable off-road bike kind of a way.

Even the mileage on the speedometer cannot be be relied on. Force Motorcycles are probably the best known, and are very well respected manuao MT circles. If you can start it up, that gives you some indication. What’s in store for ? MT owners can get all superior and smug at this point.

Joth’s MT Resource Files

Oh, that damned left-hand kickstart. They are heavy for an off-road bike. May be white, may have been sold, some may be cc. You only have to stall it once at the lights – frantically kick a couple times, realise you can’t, struggle to find neutral, get off, and slink to the side of the road going bright red under your helmet to kick it alive manal – to know true embarrassment.

I’d want to go and check it out before bidding, particularly for a bike like the Armstrong, which can be well abused and still look ‘normal’ in the photos. Spank-it 5 minutes ago. Here are a set of pictures of a lightly-modified MT