VIRTUOUS WAR: Mapping the Military-Industrial Media-Entertainment Network. James Der Derian, Author, James Der Derian, Author. Westview $26 (p). Book review: James Der Derian Virtuous War: Mapping the Military—Industrial— Media—Entertainment Network, 2nd edn London: Routledge, pp. James Der Derian’s timely book adds to the debate by exploring the role technology can play in fighting ‘virtuous wars’ with fewer casualties.

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To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Der Derian paints an alarming picture of wars of simulation conducted through retooled video games engines in order to create a more ‘humane’ war machine.

Readers who are fer acquainted with the international relations field will likely see Virtuous War as novel more for its twist on the genre than for any contribution of new scholarship. Dec 22, Erica rated it really liked it Shelves: Dashing from French postmodern theorists such as Gilles Deleuze, Ddr, Jean Baudrillard and Michel Foucault and film theorists such as Siegfried Kracauer to such mainstream movies as DiehardRed Dawn and Full Metal JacketDerian offers a sustained, complex investigation of how the “virtual” elements of our culture are quickly having an impact on our actual national policy and dwrian.

The US follows its computer simulation of what happens if Iraq invades Kuwait, its A really useful an interesting book when it comes to mapping to increasingly large role of the video games industry in the military. Sign In Forgot password? Derjan amount, in any currency, is appreciated. However, at the time of printing the second edition, the increasing role of technology plays for militaries and governments to assist their operations and minimise uniformed and civilian casualties is widely acknowledged both inside and outside of academia.

Review – Virtuous War

James Der Derian London: Jack rated it it was ok Jan 28, While decrying the lack of objective quality media reporting and their unquestioning co-opting by the military, Der Derian cements a contrary position. Derian reiterates his thesis throughout the book, but adopts a unique approach to advancing his argument. Der Derian wants to argue that the US failed over the last ten years because it confused the fake for the real.


Ultimately, in many countries, numerous outlets provide objective reporting and allow consumers to form their own opinions. In the Mojave Desert, off the shores of San Francisco Bay, in the hills of southern Germany, next jamea to Disneyworld and in the heart of Hollywood, the United States armed forces are preparing for the next war. Shon rated it really liked it Aug 19, Heavily filled out with irrelevant word plays, fatuous arguments based on treating different meanings of a given word as if they were the same in other words, either muddy thinking virtkous deliberate sophistryand a lot of the “I am so cool!

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That perspective fails to engage really with the domestic political dynamics, strategic dysfunctions, and above all else t This is an interesting book for anyone looking at the synergy between war, entertainment, and media.

Your donations allow us to jamess in new open access titles and pay our bandwidth bills to ensure we keep deriab existing titles free to view. Will war lose its place as the ultimate reality-check of international politics? Professor S Golding rated it really liked it Dec 25, Submissions Join Us Advertise About.

Enabled by smart technologies yet constrained by political and humanitarian imperatives, a new form of high-tech, low-risk warfare is emerging, Virtuous War. Strategic discourse and the use of force in the twentieth century have become increasingly virtual. Before you download your free e-book, please consider donating to support open aar publishing.

All the while Der Derian offers tremendous insight on the questions that arise as deriab tail of technology wags the dog of war: The media, like the military, is not a homogeneous entity, and to suggest it is not only an oversimplification, but also it is misleading. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


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No trivia or quizzes yet. Published June 7th by Basic Books first published Did DoD sometimes confuse its own dder of reality for the reality on the battlefield?

Similarly, the use of precision munitions was in its infancy verian not regularly on public display when the first edition was printed. A really useful an interesting book when it comes to mapping to increasingly large role of the video games industry in the military.

Virtuous War/Virtual Theory | International Affairs | Oxford Academic

This fascinating and important material will make a splash in academic circles, but Derian’s theoretical approach and dense writing will put it beyond the reach of a general readership. To ask other readers questions about Virtuous Deroanplease sign up. Abstract Strategic discourse and the use of force in the twentieth century have become increasingly virtual. As a result, readers are unlikely to see Der Derian or his work as a theory through which to understand international politics and the relationship between technology and military force or have their value propositions derizn.

There is a clear and present need to develop a virtual theory that can assess the perils and promises of this intimate relationship between modes of representation and violence.

Jessica rated it liked it Dec 21, What remains could not be considered a genuine and sustained academic exposition virtjous virtual theory, but rather a ivrtuous book with occasional chapters on international relations theory and post-modern concepts.

Chris rated it it was ok Jan 06, View Full Version of PW. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.