: Just Gaming (Theory and History of Literature) (): Jean-Francois Lyotard, Jean-Loup Thebaud: Books. Lyotard develops the notion of paganism in “Lessons in Paganism” (reprinted in The Lyotard Reader), Just Gaming and various other short works of the late. Just Gaming by Jean-Francois Lyotard, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Manfred Frank has put the Frankfurt School criticism best. Back cover copy This book considers the possibility of ethical political practice after deconstruction. Kearney, Richard, Poetics of Imagining: This book considers the possibility of ethical political practice after deconstruction. But these changes have another effect as well: Events always exceed interpretation; there is always something “left over” that an interpretation does not account for. Lyotard extends the notion of the sublime from that which is absolutely great to all things which confound our abilities to synthesize them into knowledge.

Why should these differences be privileged over an endless division and reconstruction of groups? John Baxter rated it it was amazing Jul 30, We might think of the tensor as the semiotic sign dissimulating affects which might disrupt its meaning and flow into new systems.

Jean-Francois Lyotard & Jean-Loup Thébaud, Just Gaming – PhilPapers

Duke University Press, And yet it is not nothingsince we are pulled into the pragmatics and practice of this particular language game that calls on us to make judgments. Lyotard argues that Auschwitz offers something that is unpresentable in the presentation of history itself: Infinite Conversation Maurice Blanchot. It is written in a bewildering combination of styles at times reading more like an avant-garde novel than a philosophical texta method Lyotard uses in an attempt to overcome the limitations he sees in traditional academic theory.

The figural is what makes it impossible to collapse language into pure signification, what Kristeva would dub the symbolic, and this makes changes in language possible, as seen in poetry and literature.


Jean-François Lyotard

Georges Van Den Abbeele Manchester: Justice demands a jkst and a remembering of the fact that there is a differend. Shortly after completing Libidinal EconomyLyotard began nine years of efforts crafting his masterwork, The Differend Lyotard’s main criticism of representation in the libidinal philosophy is that it is nihilistic.

University of Minnesota Press, Print. SchriftTwentieth-Century French Philosophy: Postmodernism as Social Theory: Proper names pick our referents in a way that is rigid and consistent but, according to Lyotard, empty of lyotarrd.

Thus the sublime is situated at the differend gmaing language games and phrase regimes; we feel a mixture of pleasure and pain in the frustration of not knowing how to follow on from a phrase but feeling that there is something important that must be put into words. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The libidinal philosophy engages with art on the level of its affective force: This means that all politics implies the prescription of doing something else than what is.

He sees the performativity criterion as applying not just to science, technology, and capital, but to the State as well. Lyotard proposes that a better form of legitimation would be legitimation by paralogy. If the entire project of science needs a metalegitimation, gamign and the criteria for scientific knowledge would itself seem to demand that it does then science has no recourse but to narrative knowledge which according to scientific criteria is no knowledge at all. Lyotard’s misgivings about the subject as a central epistemological category can be understood in terms of his concern for difference, multiplicity, and the limits of organisational systems.

Stanford University Press, These events can be interpreted in different ways, and no single interpretation will capture events accurately. But of course, any such eyewitnesses are dead and are not able to testify.

Furthermore, he does not see the subject as a transcendent and immutable entity, but as produced by wider social and political forces. As in Discourse, Figureit is not that one form of the inhuman exists without the other: He uses these terms metaphorically, however, to describe the workings of reality and society as a whole, divorcing them from their usual attachments to human beings. Art need not provide a political message, represent reality properly, or morally guide us. A couple pages later, Thebaud clarifies this point on politics, and Lyotard comes down to justice.


L counters, via Levinas, that such derivation is fallacious. Instead of opposing theory with alternative practises which are more libidinal, Lyotard asserts that theory itself is a libidinal practice which denies that it is libidinal. Lyotard insists that phrases must, of necessity, follow other phrases – even silence is a kind of phrase, with its own generic effects.

Lyotard rejects the claims of any discourse to be grounded in truth.

Each coincides with a school of thought. Returning to Freud, Lyotard develops a theory of libidinal forces as figural, as disruptive of reason and representation.

It is perhaps misleading of Lyotard to say that paganism is judgement without criteria; for it is judgement only without universal criteria. How do we know when gamingg differend has occurred?

Genre dissertatifParis: It may be the feeling of “not being able to find the words. Lyotard insists that phrase regimens are heterogenous and incommensurable.

In other words, there is no eternal concept of justice, and the act of appealing to it as if it existed only works to obfuscate the reality of politics — they are grounded in nothing and are ultimately arbitrary. After graduation, inhe took up a position teaching philosophy in Constantine in French East Algeria. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!