Below you will find free PDF files for your Kawasaki Vulcan owners manuals . Kawasaki Ninja R Kawasaki Ninja MiB. It may not necessarily provide electronic owner’s manuals and supplementary documents for all products sold by Kawasaki. Moreover, this service may not. top > Search for Owner’s Manual (Motorcycle). How to use this service. Ninja , Ninja R, Ninja , Ninja ABS, Ninja , Ninja , Ninja ABS .

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If the oil leakage is found on it, replace the shock absorber with a new one.

Guide Run the license plate light lead, rear left turn signal light lead and rear right turn signal light lead through into the guide. Steering Stem Nut Wrench: I don’t agree to the above terms. Fuse Box 1 If there are obstructions to air flow, remove them.

,anual Shift mechanism arm broken Moreover, this service may not necessarily provide electronic owner’s manuals and supplementary materials including errata hereafter referred to as “electronic owner’s manuals, etc.

Overall Height 1 mm Starter Circuit Relay E: Engine Stop Switch 3. Water-proof Joint 4 4. Torque – Brake Pedal Bolt [E]: Ball Bearing and Needle Bearing Do not remove pressed ball or needle unless removal is absolutely necessary. Page 5 All rights reserved.

Free downloadable Kawasaki owners manuals | Kawasaki Motors Australia

Align the white paint mark on the hose with the projection mark on the fitting. Speed Sensor Lead 4. Such a shock to the water temperature sensor can damage it. Throttle Cable Accelerator 6. This manual also for: Guide Run the throttle cables, right switch housing and ignition switch leads through into the guide. Vehicle-down Sensor Lead 2.


Be alert for problems and non-scheduled ticular interest for more efficient and con- maintenance. Guide Run the hose into the guide. Place a strip on each journal parallel to the camshaft installed in the correct position. Clamp Hold the ignition switch lead and front right turn signal light lead and fix the clamp into the upper fairing bracket. Replace any defective parts, if necessary. Intake air pressure sensor trouble Inspect see chapter 3. Install the hose so that its white mark side faces the air switching valve.

Page Page – Purge valve service code 3a cal model Clutch Lever Free Play Inspection Stick coil shorted or not in good contact Inspect or Reinstall see chapter The operation methods and other precautionary information for your product may vary by year, even if the model is the same.

Tapping the shaft or body could damage the motor. Fork Oil Level Gauge: Enter text from picture: Coolant Reserve Tank Removal Replace the gasket if it is damaged. The push rod does not return to its original position once it moves out to take up camshaft chain slack. Replace it if necessary.

locate a dealer

Remove the fuel tank see Fuel Tank Removal and check the fuel hose [A]. Seat Height mm If it is loose, unscrew it, apply a non-permanent locking agent to the threads, and tighten it. Stick Coil 1 Lead Connector 2. Page Page – Oxygen sensor – incorrect output voltage If any main oowners is poor, replace the damaged main harness.


Interruption, delay, or stoppage of the system, loss of data, unauthorized access to data, or unauthorized revision due to interference in the communication circuit or computer 5.

Read the pressure at the average of the maximum and minimum indications. A tester other than the Kawasaki Hand Tester may show different readings. Front Fork Oil Seal Driver: Safety precautions for using your product are included in the owner’s manual or other documents that are supplied with your product.

The headlight does not go on when the ignition switch and the engine stop switch are first turned on.

OWNER’S MANUAL | About This Website

Fuse Box 2 2. Learn and ob- serve all the rules below.

As a rule, the electronic owner’s manuals provided by this service are those that were originally issued at the time the products were released. Main Fuse 30 A 7. NOTICE Do not disconnect the battery cables or any other electrical connections when the ignition switch is on, or while the engine is running.