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Tin Fai Hse Property Prices Indices; Yue Fai Court · Aberdeen / Ap Lei Chau · Hong Flat 8 26/F Block F Yue Fai Court Tin Fai Hse, $ 4,,, $ 8,, Lei. Po Box Wilsonville, OR, United States, US Be the first to endorse Lei. Endorse this Last Updated 03/27/ × . Rosehill Rd. Bankers Hall West – 3rd Street South West Calgary Alberta .. 4P6ZHB8WRY5FOJXYPP06 Defense Logistics Agency John J.

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Fabrication of asymmetric supercapacitors based on coordination polymer derived nanoporous materials. In situ hydrostatic pressure induced improvement of critical current density and suppression of magnetic relaxation in Y Dy Controlled synthesis of nanoporous nickel oxide with two-dimensional shapes through thermal decomposition of metal—cyanide hybrid coordination polymers.

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A technology review of electrodes and reaction mechanisms in vanadium redox flow batteries. Extremely rapid engineering of zinc oxide nanoaggregates with structure-dependent catalytic capability towards removal of ciprofloxacin antibiotic. Atomic cobalt as an efficient electrocatalyst in sulfur cathodes for superior room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries Leo In Nature Communications Volume 9 Pages – ISSN Altmetric. One-dimensional manganese-cobalt oxide nanofibres as bi-functional cathode catalysts for rechargeable metal-air batteries Published In Scientific Reports Volume 5 Pages – ISSN Altmetric.

In operando mechanism analysis on nanocrystalline silicon anode material for reversible and ultrafast sodium storage.

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Microscopic origin of highly enhanced supercurrent in pnictide superconductor. Rational design of p-type thermoelectric PbTe: Correlation between structural parameters and the magnetocaloric effect in epitaxial La0. Yolk-shell silicon-mesoporous carbon anode with compact solid electrolyte interphase film for superior lithium-ion batteries Published In Nano Energy Volume 18 Pages – ISSN Altmetric.


A facile way to fabricate double-shell pomegranate-like porous carbon microspheres for high-performance Li-ion batteries. Magnetization loss of MgB2 leei wire at various temperatures. Origin, impact, characterization, and engineering. Nanodroplets for stretchable superconducting circuits. Understanding of the capacity contribution of carbon in phosphorus-carbon composites for high-performance anodes in lithium ion batteries.

Ultra-high thermoelectric performance in graphene incorporated Cu 2 Se: Simulation of the phase diagram of magnetic vortices in two-dimensional superconductors: Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of NdMn2-xTixSi2 compounds.

Fusion of nacre, mussel, and lotus leaf: Direct growth of cobalt hydroxide rods on nickel foam and its application for energy storage Published In Chemistry: Two-step self-assembly of hierarchically-ordered nanostructures. Architecture designed ZnO hollow microspheres with wide-range visible-light photoresponses.

Hydrogen storage in porous 88725 with Al decoration.

Materials Science and Engineering B: Tuning the band gap in silicene by oxidation. Monodisperse core-shell structured magnetic mesoporous aluminosilicate nanospheres with large dendritic mesochannels.

Thickness-dependent electronic structure in WTe2 thin films. Thermoelectric performance of n-type Mg2Ge. Magnetotransport dependence on the field magnitude and direction in large area epitaxial graphene film on stretchable substrates. Neutron diffraction study of MnNiGa2 – Structural and magnetic behaviour.

Three-dimensional carbon frameworks enabling MoS 2 as anode for dual ion le with superior sodium storage properties Published In Energy Storage Materials Volume 15 Pages 22 – 30 Altmetric. Bi 2 Mo 3 O 12 heterojunction for efficient photocatalytic oxygen evolution. Superconductivity and its Applications. Tuning the morphology of Co3O4 on Ni foam for supercapacitor application. NiFe2O4 nanoparticles coated on 3D graphene capsule as electrode for advanced energy storage applications.


Anisotropy of crystal growth mechanisms, dielectricity, and magnetism of multiferroic Bi2FeMnO6 thin films. The flux pinning mechanism, and electrical and magnetic anisotropy in Fe1.

Enhanced piezoelectric properties of solution-modified Ba Zr0. Uncoupled surface spin induced exchange bias in alpha-MnO2 nanowires. Thermoelectric performance of n-Type PbTe 0.

Critical phenomena and estimation of the spontaneous magnetization by a magnetic entropy analysis in Mn0. Design considerations in MgB2-based superconducting coils for use in saturated-core fault current limiters.

Reduced graphene oxide with superior cycling le and rate capability for sodium storage. X Se nanoparticles with tunable LSPR and magnetism for dual-modal imaging guided photothermal therapy of cancer. Heavy element doping for enhancing thermoelectric properties of nanostructured zinc oxide. Effects of Cr substitution on structural and magnetic properties in La0.

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Ambient scalable synthesis of surfactant-free thermoelectric CuAgSe nanoparticles with reversible metallic-n-p conductivity transition. Recent progress in thermoelectric materials. Simply mixed commercial red phosphorus and carbon nanotube composite with exceptionally reversible sodium-ion storage.